The Rules!

The Rules

… are here to be broken… But for those that like a little guidance:

·         Every other week is allocated to one participant
o   There is a calendar where you can sign up
o   If you think you won’t get your piece done that week, then just email me

·         The other week is a free-for-all
o   Anyone can add anything at any time…
o   Yes, that means that someone might be working on the same ‘chapter’ as you so there’s an element of risk and uncertainty!

·         You can add anything to move the story along
o   Words, music, art, costumes … anything goes
o   If you get stuck then just stretch the limits of our imagination – think ‘Bobby in the shower’.

·         You can change the design of the blog if you like. In fact I would actively encourage it!

You can either make a physical thing and simply insert a photograph or scan or create a digital piece or just type words. You could even write a piece of music, sew a costume or or insert a video.

·         It would also be lovely if you shared the story as it unfolds on your social media to encourage others to join too

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